Bach Blossom Consultation

Sometimes training alone is not enough, I often use supplements to help dogs extra. One of the things I use very often in support is a Bach remedy.

What is a Bach blossom consultation?

The 38 Bach Blossom Remedies have been discovered in the 30s by the leading Dr. Edward Bach. He was looking for resources in nature that help us to restore the balance in our human being.

Dr. Bach wanted a simple and safe-to-use system that could be used by anyone for self-help and help to others.

The practice has shown that the remedies can also have a very beneficial effect on animals.

The remedies of the remedy’s of Dr. Bach supports the inner balance of man and animal in a friendly and gentle way. They have no side effects and are safe to use in conjunction with medications.

They are not miracle drugs (although sometimes they can be experienced as well).

In the advanced imbalance that arises in serious bodily ailments or problematic behavior, there are certainly other tools needed, but here too the remedies can be used to make a treatment better.

The Bach blossoms are specially formulated for the dog together with the recognized Bach Blossom consultant Helene Michielsen.

Blossoms without training

Bach blossoms can be used to support training but can also be used separately.

For example, do you have a dog that has trouble getting older, or has to undergo surgery or is it exciting that a child is going to be born? Then blossoms can be excellent to support the dog.

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