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Private training

Would you like to work with your dog and train in a positive way to obedience and/or other exercises? 

Behavioral Consultation

Do you want to understand the behavior of your dog or would you like to connect with your dog in a deeper way.

Bach Blossom Consultation

Bach remedies can help you and your dog to be more balanced. 

Private puppy accompaniment

Do you want to make the best possible start with your puppy, contact me and I will guide you and your puppy.

Why can I help you?

I do not work with one specific way. Where do you feel good as a boss and what works for your dog, I look at it.

Experience with different dogs and people

Over the years I have observed so many owners with their dogs and helped that I can quickly estimate what will work for you and your dog.


Besides that I have learned a lot from dogs myself, I have also read a lot of documentaries, watched courses and courses with various behavioural experts such as: Tony Knight, Anniek Winters and Inge Pauwels.


We invoked the help of Jorine because we had some problems with Mazza. After a good conversation and a walk with incredibly good tips, we started working. And actually, it really works… We are very happy that with a few simple actions, we notice so big difference in her behavior!   Thank you so much Jorine!


Jorine has worked a miracle with Benito. He was stressed with other dogs and didn’t react in a great way. As you can see in the photos and videos, Jorine has worked really hard with him. He is very relaxed and much happier and can still be himself. It’s such a joy to walk with Benito and not have to make an exit plan. Jorine has great skills and techniques to teach dogs and people. Highly recommend her!


Jorine has helped us very much with Tujuh. Tujuh is a foundling from Greece that is hugely afraid of anything and more in the Netherlands. Thanks to Jorine’s patient approach, she can now run loose without running home directly. She hardly has more fear of aggression towards dogs and has become much quieter outside. Jorine has also given us the confidence to let Tujuh run loose.


After a few sessions, we succeeded in letting our dog loose (literally and figuratively) and trusting that she would really come back to us again. Walking the line without pulling is now also much better! Very valuable tips & got tricks from a very professional coach. Charlie is forever fan!


Very nice workshop done with Dommel. He thought it was super fun. All brain work and attention exercises. You find that your ‘ home ‘ is quickly just walking. It’s nice to be a bit more busy in a different way. And uh playing afterwards was the dog cookie on the cake for Dummel! We will certainly apply some tips more often.

My dogs

Chica, the Spanish clean.

Chica is a cross shepherd (probably Beauceron) who comes from a Spanish shelter. After having been in the shelter for two years, she was adopted but after ten days she was no longer welcome and she had to go to a host family. There I started walking twice with her and I finally picked her up! She was an extremely insecure dog that people absolutely did not trust.

Also strange dogs found them Doodeng! Now five years later (2016) She is my great help in the exhausts and training of dogs. She has been transformed into a very faithful sweet stable dog.

My dogs

Rosa, the Romanian sweetheart.

Rosa is a small Romanian street dog, I suspect something of a crossing Shiba Inu with Whippet. A cheerful but very spicy dog! Rosa was rescued as a puppy from Romania but soon she started to express extreme aggression here in the Netherlands to humans and animals and so she came to the Alpha Hondencentrum where I worked in the summer of 2015. There she rehabilited quickly but was not adopted. By now I was back home when I was told that her owner could no longer pay for the shelter. I always found her a nice doggy and it clicked very well with Chica and so I decided to give her a home!

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